40 days of GYC

Morning Devos & GYC are bringing the conference experience to your home: for 40 days leading up to this year's GYC, we will be doing our devotions together. Every day.
On Nov 22, we're diving into one of the toughest Bible stories:
the wilderness experience.


Why did the Israelites have to wander in the wilderness for 40 years? Why did God judge them? Why did these people always complain? Why should we care today?

It’s one of those old stories that many people, even Christians, don’t understand. Why does this God of the Old Testament seem to be so different? So super strict? How is He really like? And what can we practically take away from all this?

Let’s do our devotions together and find answers to some of the hardest questions in Bible history. We’ll cover the rebellion of Korah, God’s divine intervention, Israel’s delay of 38 years, the death of an entire generation in the desert, Moses’ weakest moment and much more. 

Join us today and do your devotions together with hundreds of other young adults. Share your takeaways in our group chat and learn & grow with others.

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The Schedule



kick-off meeting on ZOOM

November 21

first day of the challenge

November 22

united prayer / meet-ups

every Sunday

last day of the challenge

December 28

GYC Nothing.

December 29

How does the community group work?

You’ll join a small group on Telegram and exchange your thoughts with the others on a daily basis. When it comes to Bible study, we know that more people see more things! On top of that we’ll have meet-ups every Sunday leading up to the conference. That’s the GYC experience for 40 days straight!

Do I need to join the GYC conference in order to be part of this devotional challenge?

Although we’d love to see you in Houston this year, we totally understand if you can’t make it. Everyone is welcome to join this devotional challenge! Just click here.

How does the daily schedule look like?

You wake up whenever you need to wake up and take some minutes to study the Bible – by yourself. You pray, do your morning routine, and after you’ve completed that, you share with us what you have learned. 🙂

What exactly are we reading?

We’ll be reading through the book of Numbers and parts of Deuteronomy. Next to our Bible, we’ll use a commentary book called Patriarchs and Prophets which helps us unlock powerful narratives and answer the hard questions. But don’t worry – you’ll get a free study guide (PDF) sent to your inbox. Just bring your Bible and maybe your personal journal!

How much do I need to read every day?

You choose how much time you have for your devotions. Share with us how many minutes you have every morning, and we’ll send the right study guide over. And yes, even if you’re super busy at the moment – we got you covered. Our study guides start at 8-10 min/day.

More Questions?

Send us an email and we’ll get back to you super quickly.