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Get full access to the Morning Habits Training Course™ and transform your morning hours into the best part of your day.

Hundreds of Thousands of SDAs Wish They Had More Time for Their Morning Devotions But...

The Morning Habits Training Course™ is designed to practically help you have more than enough time for your devotions, workout and breakfast. No more rushing to work or school, skipping breakfast and saying a quick prayer on the run. Change your morning habits, take the time you need every morning and fall in love with Jesus — over and over again!



Most online courses are not picking you up where you currently are. With this Training Course, you can start as a total beginner and establish 3 simple habits... or take your morning routine to the next level with Five Pillars of a Successful Morning. No matter where you are, this course helps you become better.


This is more than just a video library with some PDF templates. Our goal is to help you establish solid morning habits that take you through life, no matter what's coming. There's 24/6 email support for you, so get in touch with our team — as soon as the first question comes up, we'll be helping out.


There is no "upsell" package or hidden premium course behind this one. We literally put all the resources, all the experts, all the advice — everything — into one course.


Why did God create habits? What role do they play in our lives, how powerful are they really and why is it important to know these things as a Christian?

Learn more about the power of habit, how habits work and get introduced into a new field of Biblical science which will transform your morning routine.

In this module, you’ll learn how to get started with some solid A.M. habits. 

Learn on a very practical level how you can avoid (digital) distractions in the morning. Choose and stick to an easy workout plan if you don’t have one yet and include exercise in your daily routine. Learn how you can upgrade your devotions, even if you don’t have a lot of time. 

Many of us would like to have more time for our devotions. More time to pray. Less stress in the morning. But we’re tired, and we have responsiblities that don’t allow us to read our Bibles for 3 hours every morning. So what do we do? How do we actually change our hasty 10-minute devotional into a meaningful experience with God? How do we set time apart to pray and study without running late?

It all comes down to our evening routine – because a solid morning routine starts the evening before. Learn how you can go to bed earlier and systematically shift your inner clock a few hours back.

PS: If you’re a night owl or someone who is constantly tired, you don’t want to miss this module.

In this section, you’ll learn how to systematically develop 5 powerful morning habits. These habits are the pillars of every successful morning. Learn how to make delicious, plant-based meals in less than 5 minutes, dive deeper into God’s word, motivate yourself every morning and upgrade your prayer life like never before. 

We advise that you implement one or two habits at a time, and slowly integrate all five into your morning hours. Usually, students take multiple weeks or months before completing this module.

You’ve experienced the power of habit, included new habits in your A.M. routine and upgraded your morning hours with Jesus?

Now it’s time to use this knowledge and build more successful, more Christ-like habits. Learn how to work deep and save time, plan and become more productive and stay organized, no matter what. Use the talents and resources God gives you every day in the most effective and efficient way. Why? Because He calls us to do so (Matt 25:15, 19).

You'll learn...



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