Setting up Telegram

Learn how to create a username & hide your phone number.

Thanks for joining Morning Devos! Here’s a step-by-step guide for you so you can create your own username on Telegram and hide your phone number.

1. Go to "settings"

Click on the bottom right corner and open your settings in the Telegram app.


2. Edit your personal details

Once you’re on the settings tab, you can click on “Edit” to make changes.


3. Click on "Username"

Here you have the option to change your phone number, your profile picture, your displayed name and also your username.

Note: your displayed name in bold is not your username. We can’t add you to small groups without knowing your username or your phone number.

Just click on “Username” and use letters and numbers (as well as underscores) to create your unique Telegram username.


3. Choose your username

You can use a-z, 0-9 and underscores. Minimum length is 5 characters. By creating a username, people can find you within the app if they search for your username. They don’t need your phone number anymore. 

Just choose a name, and click on “Done.”


5. Go to "Privacy and Security"

Now it’s time to make sure your phone number stays private. By navigating to this menu, you’ll be able to select who can find you on Telegram, who can view your phone number, and much more.


6. Select "Phone Number"

Just click on “Phone Number” and you’ll be getting some options. In this example on the right side, no one can see my phone number (but I have 8 exceptions – those are people who I granted permission to see my number).


7. Under "Who can see my phone number," select "Nobody."

You can also select “My contacts.” That means that all of your contacts on your phone can see your phone number when chatting with you on Telegram.


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