Speak the Word, Lord



If It’s A Foreign Battlefield


Where I Finally Find Your Will

           D                     A A7

Lord, Then That’s Where I Long To Be

       D                 D7

In The Dessert Without A Drink,


On Some Old Ship About To Sink

          D            A

Lord I’ll Go If You’ll Just Speak To Me 


A B C#




          D           D7

Speak The Word Lord My Ears Long To Hear You

          D                          A

Speak The Word Lord My Heart Aches To Know

          D                                        G

Speak The Word, Lord, I’ll Be What You’d Have Me To Be

          D                    A           D

Speak The Word, Lord, And Your Servant Will Go



[Verse 2]

             D                   D7

There’s Been Times That I’ve Complained


When Life’s Rubbed Against The Grain

        D                                 A   A7

And I Recall Those Times You Took Me To My Knees

                D               D7

But There’s One Thing I Couldn’t Do


So I Still Owe This Thanks To You

             D                      A             D

Cause It Was You, Lord, Who Took My Cross To Calvary